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My Documents Redirection Is Unavailable Or Missing

If the option to redirect the target folder for My Documents you may be able to modify the registry to fix it. If you are on a network with a policy enabled, your change may be overridden by a domain policy. Use regedit an delete the following value: DisablePersonalDirChange from HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft […]

Need to Add Reverse DNS, RDNS, for static AT&T Internet Service

According to the tech support rep at ATT internet services (800-833-2120). The current email address to send reverse DNS requests to is: prov-dns@att.com AT&T/SBC Internet Services (DNS Admin) 800-833-2120 You need to have most of the following information to have the changes made: 1. Domain Name 2. Email Address 3. Customer Contact Name 4. Service Type […]

.net errors on install

What the problem is: Applications that rely on the .Net framework is trying to access a program and cannot load or run the program. What is causing said problem: The problem is caused by corrupt files within .Net causing instability in applications. How to fix the .Net Errors: The best solution at this time is to remove […]

Blackberry Turn off sent item sync

What the problem is: If you do not want a user’s email application to receive a copy of email messages that the user sends from the BlackBerry® device, you can turn off synchronization for email messages that the user sends from the BlackBerry device. What is causing said problem: — How to Turn off Sent Item […]

Client PCs cannot open server file shares

What the problem is: Client PCs can ping the server via computer name and resolves to the correct IP.  Users can browse the server’s file shares via \\IP_Address or \\FQDN, but not \\computer_name.  When browsing via the computer name, the error message that appears is “”Logon failure: the target account name is incorrect”.  What is causing […]

Repairing Corrupt Windows Profile

What the problem is: the user profile service failed the logon and give you an error when attempting to login to windows.   What is causing said problem: Windows updates sometimes will not install correctly and thus making the user profile corrupt and inaccessible or a malicious piece of software has corrupted your user profile. How to […]

Corrupted updates for Symantec Mail Security (SMSME 6.5)

What the problem is: In the mail security logs it kept saying definitions were corrupt and the date was 1/1/1601. What is causing said problem: While updating Symantec a update corrupted the current log files and so it needs to be recreated to resolve the issue. How to fix Symantec Corrupted Updates: Stop the Symantec […]