We Bring the Computer Store to You

We simplify IT by being able to provide all the support, hardware, and software needed for todays demanding business environments. Having one place to go for all IT needs helps our clients focus on their core business.

We have many buying and leasing programs and provide our own financing options to simplify the process.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business succeed with low startup costs and consistent monthly payments for all your IT equipment needs.

network,pc, and server sales and leasing

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Our HaaS bundles managed services with hardware leasing for a set monthly cost. This allows our clients to run their businesses more efficiently with consistent and manageable monthly costs while providing the needed hardware with ongoing support and proactive maintenance.

HaaS allows us to refresh hardware on a scheduled basis keeping our clients networks up to date with hardware that fits their IT needs, is reliable, and has the power to meet growing software demands.

Companies large and small can benefit from the low cost of entry and reasonable monthly payment.

Hardware and Software Sales

We have partnerships with many manufacturers and can provide a wide range of hardware solutions to meet your needs. The components that make up our PCs and servers come from industry leaders, such as Intel, HP, Western Digital, and Samsung. Every major component is backed by the manufacturers’ warranty, as well as C-Net’s comprehensive 3 year warranty with onsite support and service.

Unmatched 3 Year Warranty on All PCs and Servers

Never wait on hold with hardware support again. With other hardware warranties, the burden of proof is on the customer to prove the a hardware issue is valid, usually by waiting on hold and then walking through a long troubleshooting process. With a C-Net warranty, both hardware and labor to repair is covered and we do the all support and troubleshooting so you don’t have to.

All our PCs and servers have an unmatched onsite 3 year warranty for business clients. If there is a problem with a PC or server, we come out to your location to do the diagnosis and perform the repairs on site, significantly reducing downtime.

We have built over 3,500 PCs and servers since 1998 and have offered this level of support from the beginning. We stand behind our service and products; only using the highest quality components available.

“New Every 3” Lease

Keep your business on the leading edge of technology with a smaller initial investment and low monthly payment options. We offer flexible lease terms between 36 and 48 months, offering convenience and reliability during the transition to new technology, all with minimal downtime.