Backup Data Needs To Be Stored Offsite One Way Or Another!

Backups are done to ensure that in the case of a catastrophic failure your data will be recoverable. Catastrophic failure could be from hardware failure or it could be from something much worst such as a fire, theft or water damage. If your backups are stored with the equipment being backed up and get damaged with it your backup becomes worthless.

Storing the backups in another office of a fire proof safe is not enough. Your backups need to be stored offsite.

If you are taking your backups offsite you need to consider the following:

• Are your offsite backups stored in a secure manner or protected location?
• Is the backup media transported in a secure way and not subject to extreme temperatures such as in the Interior of a hot or cold car?
• Can you recover the data from the backup media if the drive that did the backup was destroyed?
• Does your industry have compliance rules that cannot be adhered to by removing backup media to an unprotected location
• Is your data accessible by others while it is offsite or is it encrypted?

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