Thank you for signing up with our Exchange Hosting for your email service. We are providing these instructions for free so that you can configure your devices with your new service.

If you need help call us and we can walk you through this process. Please note that some in some situations we may need to charge a fee for setting it up for you.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Did you know? You can access your email without setting anything up at all. By visiting our Outlook Web Access (OWA) address, you can get instant access to your email. It is available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users.

First, go to

Enter your username and password, and then click Sign In. That’s it!

Setting Up Exchange Accounts

Please read below for instructions to set up the type of account you are using.

Outlook 2016+

Please note that different versions of Outlook may have slightly different windows or instructions. This walkthrough was designed for Outlook. Our email supports Outlook 2016+ and we cannot guarantee support for Outlook 2013 or before.

First, you’ll need to set up a new account. You can either open up Outlook for the first time, or you can get to profiles by going to Start – Control Panel – Mail – Show Profiles – and Add.. to add a new profile.

As seen in the image to your right, fill out your name, email address, and password twice.

You may be prompted with a security warning about allowing the server to make changes. Check the box not to be asked again and choose Allow.

Next, a username and password window should appear. For username, enter your username in the form cnetsys\username and then your password. You may also want to check the box to remember your password so you don’t have to type it in every time.

Click Next to continue, and then Finish on the last page.

Your account should now be set up. Once opened, please allow it time to sync and download your mail.

If you make any mistakes along this process, it is possible you may need to go back and start over.

Setup Outlook 2016 Email

iPhone / iPad / iOS

Under Settings, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Select Add Account

Select Exchange

Enter your email address and password and tap Next. If this fails, don’t worry, that is fine because it will ask for more information.

You’ll need to provide the following now:

Domain: cnetsys
Username: Your username
Password: Your password

If successful, it will go to the next page with a series of checkboxes. Check any items you want to sync with the Exchange server and be stored. We suggest syncing all items so they are shared between all your devices that use our server.

Tap Save when done, and allow 5-10 minutes for the connection to be set up.

To access email, open your normal email app. You may need to Tap on the top left to back up to see the inbox for your new Exchange email account.


Droid instructions may vary because there are many types of phones using it. Below are generic settings that should work with most.

Go into Settings

Under Accounts, choose Add an account

Choose Corporate (or Exchange)

Enter your email address and password, tap Next.

It may say Couldn’t finish or that the username/password is incorrect. Tap Edit Details.

For DomainUsername, enter cnetsysusername (your username)

Change server to

Check the box to Accept all SSL certificates

Tap Next and it should continue.

Choose your sync options or which areas you would like to sync with our servers.

Tap Done when finished.

If it asks to activate the device administrator for options to erase all data, set password rules, etc, you will need to tap Activate. This is a standard procedure that is required to securely connect to our servers.

Give the account a name if it asks.

Check email with your desired email app.

Windows Phone

Go to System Settings (the gear icon)

Go to email + accounts

Tap add an account

Choose Exchange

Enter your email address and password and tap Sign In.

At this point it may ask for more information. If so, please enter the following:

User name: Your username
Domain: cnetsys

Tap Sign In again and you should be all set.

Access email from your normal mail program. It may be added to your home screen on its own.


Can’t connect to server

If you can’t connect to our server, try accessing If you can’t reach this address, then something is blocking HTTPS access to our server on your internet connection. That will need to be corrected before you can continue.

Bad username or password

Passwords are case-sensitive and must be entered in exactly as shown. Be sure that you haven’t made any typos. If your device allows, you may want to reveal the password as you type to make sure it is correct.

In some situations you may need to enter your username as cnetsysusername, notably in Outlook or some Droid phones.

Try entering your username and password at to ensure your credentials are correct. If they are not, please contact us to have your password reset.


If all else fails, you can try to delete and add your account to resolve problems with corruption or when an account suddenly stops working. We highly suggest backing up your information just in case, but your data should be synced with our server so as soon as the connection is restored everything should come back. However, we cannot guarantee this and in some cases data could be lost that has not reached our servers yet to sync up.