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Integrate your Autotask database with your WordPress site in minutes!

Are you a computer repair center, IT help desk, or managed service provider looking to give your customers an easy, secure way to check on the status of their support ticket? This plugin is for you! Our Autotask Ticket Lookup Plugin for WordPress is an easy to use Autotask API client that sites right on your WordPress website. Users can submit ticket numbers, or if they do not have a ticket number, they can search for tickets based on their first name, last name, and/or phone number.

For more advanced functionality, you can format various building blocks using the “Style” tab, and lay out using HTML and the listed tags below each form. The “Ticket” format also contains fields for a wrapper, if, for example, you want to use jQuery to build an accordion (you can see this in action on this site)

How to it works

The user can search either by contact information, or ticket number. If searching by contact information, you can select whether to use exact strings or broaden results by using different logic operators. This is useful if a technician has a typo on the Contact within Autotask, for example. The plugin will then fire a query to return a list of tickets associated, and in turn fire various queries to get Notes and Time Entries for those tickets.
Detailed usage instructions for the Autotask Ticket Lookup Plugin for WordPress

Premium features

  • Visual integration with your existing theme. You can apply a custom style format to search forms and search results.
  • Limit ticket searches to a single Account within your Autotask database. If, for instance, you have an account for Walk-In customers, and each customer is stored as a Contact, you can allow those customers to search for tickets with the peace of mind that sensitive corporate clients will not be queried accidentally
  • Get access to support. We are here to answer your questions!
  • More features to come! This plugin is in active development, and we welcome your feature requests for future improvements.

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