How To Shutdown Windows 8 / Where Is Shutdown Located in Windows 8

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Instructions on How to Shutdown Windows 8

In Microsoft Windows 8 we were introduced to the Windows titles desktop and the removal of the traditional start menu and how we choose to shutdown, restart, or one of the other ways to power down a PC.

First hover your mouse over the top right corner of the screen

A menu will popup with five choices, Choose Settings

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 1



Next at the bottom you have a Power Icon, Click this to get your power choices

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 2

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 2


Finally choose Shut Down, or Restart the machine.

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 3


Windows 8 has changed the way a lot of things are done and we will be providing new articles regularly covering these new features.


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