Livonia, MI Managed Services

Worry Free IT with Livonia Managed Services

Put your IT support troubles behind you with Livonia managed services from C-Net Systems. Don’t spend another day frustrated with your current support provider; call us today to see how we can help you with your IT support needs.

Our unique support approach will have your IT infrastructure secured and running a peak performance in no time. We take on our clients support needs completely, letting them hand off all IT responsibilities to us where we can coordinate with all vendors to make sure every task is completed properly and in the most efficient, cost effective, way possible.

We Never Play The Blame Game

We have supported many networks, large and small, and hardest part when having multiple vendors involved it trying to see whose responsibility is whose to get an issue resolved. Often hearing one vendor blame another. When a network issue needs to be resolved, that is our priority, not finding who’s to blame. Frankly, we do not care whose issue it is, we care about the timely resolution. We work tirelessly to resolve any issues that arise and keep all vendors on task to minimize downtime. Our goal is to maximize uptime for our clients.

Preventative Maintenance

Managed services allows us to secure your network properly and keep it up to date with the latest best practices. Updates and patches along with other IT maintenance is performed regularly afterhours and over weekends to minimize interruption to your business and users. By being proactive rather than reactive allows us to prevent many IT issues from occurring in the first place.

We continually update the tools we use to support your network to provide the best IT support possible. Our monitoring tools will alert us to any issues which allows us to resolve small issues before they become larger problems. Our reporting tools will allow you to check the status of anything we are working on.

Learn How We can help Your Business

We offer a free onsite evaluation where we will come out to your location and audit your current IT systems to see how we can help you. We can also go over any issues you may have and provide information on solutions that may help streamline your processes and protect your network.

Call today to see how managed services in Livonia can help you take the worry out of your IT support needs.