Move PowerPoint Presentation To Another PC And Keep Imbedded Media Intact

The following instructions will help you take a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video, photos, or other files and convert it into a structure that can be played on any Windows PC.  This technique is useful when you want to take your PowerPoint and play in on a computer that is not yours.

PowerPoint 2007

  1. Open PowerPoint and the presentation you would like to save.
  2. Get the presentation to the point where you are happy with the final project.  This includes any video files.
  3. Click on the Office Button on the top left of the Screen then Publish then Package for CD
  4. A new window titled ‘Package for CD’ will pop up.  In the Name the CD, type an appropriate title for the presentation.
    1. Click Options

i.      Verify that ‘Viewer Package (update…’ and ‘Linked Files’ are both selected.

ii.      Click OK

    1. Click on the Copy to Folder Button

i.      Again, in the Folder Name box, type an appropriate title for the presentation

ii.      Click Browse,

  1. Browse to the folder you would like the presentation saved to, but do NOT double click on the folder.  Click once on the folder so that it is highlighted.  Note: this will normally be on a thumb/flash/usb memory stick.
  2. Click Select

iii.      Click OK

iv.      A window titled ‘Microsoft Office PowerPoint’ will pop up asking “Do you want to include the linked files in your package?”.  Click Yes.

v.      The files will begin copying to the desired location.

vi.      Click Close

  1. Close PowerPoint
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