.net errors on install

What the problem is: Applications that rely on the .Net framework is trying to access a program and cannot load or run the program.

What is causing said problem: The problem is caused by corrupt files within .Net causing instability in applications.

How to fix the .Net Errors:

The best solution at this time is to remove the .Net install and reinstall from the ground up. Also it’s a great idea to run the .net uninstaller tool to clean up any leftover files that.

1. Run .net uninstaller cleanup tool, sometimes twice, until it says completed successfully

2. Reboot

3. Uninstall .net 4 if it is still present

4. Reboot

5. Install .net in order, its best to start from 1.1 and go all the way to the current version. It’s also worth noting to download .net from Microsoft’s website as oppose to using Windows Update.

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