Michigan Network Security AuditHackers Have the Advantage… Until Now

Through the use of automated tools, hackers can scan thousands of ports on thousands of IP address without lifting a finger. These automated tools run constantly going IP address to IP address until they find a point of entry through the internet or inside a compromised network.

Don’t think you are a target? You are only a number on the internet and the use of automated tools means that if you have not already been a target, you will be one day. We find failed attempts to gain access into our clients’ networks all the time and the attacks are getting more sophisticated and more common every day.

See Your Network the Way Hackers Do

Through the use of sophisticated tools, we can audit your network for security holes the same way hackers do, with automated tools scanning methodically port to port, IP address to IP address. By using a combination of hardware devices and software tools run inside your network, we can scan against a continually updated database of known exploits and then sort that data into reports that can be used to eliminate the holes.

Protecting Your Network

The only way to prevent your business from being a victim is to secure every point of access. Our Network Security Audit shows all points of entry into a network including any weak spots that could be used.

By following the recommended best practices, you will ensure that you are not left vulnerable to an easily fixed problem. Cleaning up a security breach is both embarrassing and expensive. Just ask Target and Sony.

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