Outlook Anywhere Setup

What the problem is: Need to access outlook files from a mail server to client PCs.

What is causing said problem:

How to Setup Outlook Anywhere:

Open the Server and transfer the certificate files from their server (mail.xxxxx.xx:3390) to the computer you are configuring.

  • To install the certificates, do the following
  • Double click the first cert, click Install Certificate, click Next
  • Select Place all certificates in the following store, click Browse
  • Select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, click Finish.  Yes, to install it.  Click OK
  • For the second one, double click and do the same thing.  When prompted type in their admin password
  • Check “Mark this key as exportable….”, follow the previous cert as an example.

On the client computer, do the following

  • Open the Outlook Client, if the Exchange client is installed edit it.
  • Setup the exchange client as you normally would, but click on Advanced/More Settings when done
  • Click the Connection Tab
  • Check the box “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  • Click “Exchange Proxy Settings”
  • Fill out the info below

When you go to open Outlook you will be required to put in a user name and password, the user name should be input as user@xxxxx.local and the password will be their normal windows password.

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