Bring Quick Launch Back In Windows 7

Bring back Quick LaunchRather than Pinning Icons to the Task Bar you can bring back the Quick Launch back by following these steps:

1. Right click an empty space on the taskbar and expand Toolbars and click on New Tool.

2. In the Folder line of the window that opens, type or copy:
%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

3. Click on the Select Folder button. You will now have a Quick Launch toolbar on the taskbar but it will need to expand it to get the original look.

4. Expand the new toolbar by left clicking on the dotted lines and holding, then drag it to the left or right to adjust to unhide all of the icons. Release the left click when done.

Note: You may need to unlock the taskbar to see the dotted lines by right clicking on a blank space on the taskbar and clicking Lock the taskbar to toggle the lock on and off.

5. To remove the Text or Title you can right click on the Quick Launch toolbar title name, and then toggle the Show Text and Show Title option by clicking on them.

6. If you would like to change the size of the icon show in the toolbar you can right click on the Quick Launch toolbar title name, then click on View and select to have Large Icons or Small Icons.

7. You can move the location of the taskbar by clicking on the Dotted Lines of the taskbar and drag it to the right or left side of the screen

Notes: To remove the toolbar right click on a empty space on the taskbar and click on Toolbars and Quick Launch to uncheck and remove it from the taskbar.

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