Network Slowdown After Symantec Endpoint Install or Upgrade

Fix network slowdowns with onsite network supportProblem:

After installing Symantec Endpoint Protection, in the middle of the work day server communication grinds to a halt, and coincides with events in the Event Viewer that say AV definitions have been updated


1. Open Endpoint Protection Manager Console

2. Admin –> Servers –> Local Site (My Site) –> Edit Site Properties

3. LiveUpdate Tab –> Change Freq to daily & set time to after hours

4. Close out to the main screen

5. Clients –> My Company –> Policies –> Communications Settings –> Set mode under Download to Pull Mode

6. Close out to the main screen

7. This affects the clients only

a. Policies –> LiveUpdate –> LiveUpdate Settings policy –> Edit the Policy

b. Schedule –> Change Freq to Daily and set the time to after hours, also change the Randomize start time to 1hr

c. Server Settings –> Check Use the default, Check Use a LiveUpdate Server, Select Use the default Sy…server

8. Close out to the main screen and logoff

9. Open Information Foundation Mail Security

10. Admin –> LiveUpdate/Rapid Release Schedule –> Schedule –> Select Run at a Specific Time and choose after hours

11. Close out

Let us come out to your office and preform a comprehensive network evaluation and help you fix network slowdowns.

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