How To Enable Wake On Lan (WoL) Windows 7

Enable Wake On Magic Packet for Windows 7

Enable Wake On Lan (WoL) Windows 7To begin we need to make sure we have all the settings for Wake on Lan turned on. There are several locations in which you will need to go to and configure or turn on a feature. If any of these steps are skipped then WoL will not work.

By Default most Ethernet Ports are set to have this enabled by default but still check to make sure they are enabled.

First we need to go into the properties of the Ethernet Port that is currently active and in use. Right click the adapter in use and select properties. This is open a new dialog box, and from here select “Configure”

Under “Advanced” enable “Wake on Magic Packet”

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Under Power Management check all three boxes

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Once everything is enable for the Ethernet port we need to install the Windows service for WoL

Open “Control Panel” and then go to “Programs and Features”

Once in the Program and Features window on the left side click “Turn Windows Features on or off”

Next install the TCP/IP service “Simple TCPIP services” by clicking the check box next to it

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Next turn on the service we just installed by going into the Window Services located in the administrator tools.

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Finally open UDP for Port 9 within the Windows firewall settings.

In control panel select “Windows Firewall” and from there select “Advanced Settings” on the left.

Click “Inbound Rules” then select “New Rule”. This will open the New Rule wizard.


Next select to create a new Port rule, then apply the rule to UDP, and specify port 9.

Once the setup is complete ensure that the Wake on Lan feature is turned on in the BIOs and in the router port forward Port 9 to the address of the machine with WoL enabled.

For users to wake up a PC with WoL setup they need to send a Magic Packet to wake the machine up. Most routers have the capability of sending these magic packets otherwise you can do this threw the command prompt or by using a third party application.

What is required to send magic packets are:

  • MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • Port #

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