Remote Desktop Client, RDP, Console Command Prompt Change

If you need to use the “console” option with the new versions of the Remote Desktop Client or RDP Client you will need to change the command prompt usage. The new usage is below.

mstsc /v servername /admin      From the command prompt will connect you to the server in place of servername
mstsc /admin      From the command prompt will ask you for the server to connect to.

My Documents Redirection Is Unavailable Or Missing

If the option to redirect the target folder for My Documents you may be able to modify the registry to fix it. If you are on a network with a policy enabled, your change may be overridden by a domain policy.

Use regedit an delete the following value:



HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer

Get Rid Of That Annoying “do you really want to do this?” In Vista

What the problem is: When attempting to install a program or change settings in Windows Vista or 7 you get a pop-up warning about the program needing permission to go forth with an installation or preference change.

What is causing said problem: The application in Vista that asks you if “you want to do this” is called Vista UAC, user account control.  The main point of running this application is to help secure windows from unwanted programs running. If you want to stop Vista from asking you if you want to run something, you can disable UAC with the following steps:

How To Get Rid Of That Annoying “do you really want to do this?” In Vista

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Under User Account and Family settings click on the “Add or remove user account”.
  3. Click on one of the user accounts, for example you can use the Guest account.
  4. Under the user account click on the “Go to the main User Account page” link.
  5. Under “Make changes to your user account” click on the “Change security settings” link.
  6. In the “Turn on User Account Control (UAC) to make your computer more secure” click to unselect the “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer”. Click on the Ok button.
  7. You will be prompted to reboot your computer. Do so when ready.
    In order to re-enable UAC just select the above checkbox and reboot.

pxhelp20.sys Is Corrupt Or Missing After Installing The Sony Picture Utility

After installing the Sony Picture utility Software that comes with Sony Handycams you receive “pxhelp20.sys is Corrupt or Missing” which prevents your PC from Booting.

To Recover from this state you need to delete c:\Windows\SysWOW64\Drivers\pxhelp20.sys from the boot drive. To do this you need to boot to a command prompt and delete or rename the file and reboot.

If you no longer have drive letters for you optical drives after rebooting do the following:

Run Regedit by typing regedit in the Search for Programs and Files Search Bar
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class/{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Delete strings “LowFilters” and “UpperFilters” (if existing)
Reboot and your CD/DVD drive will show up again

Decompress Or Uncompress All Compressed Files On A Hard Drive

Commands To Decompress Files On A Compresses Hard Drive

You can uncompress all the files on a Hard Drive from the command line on a drive that has all files compressed or that had selected files compresses. Open a command prompt and from the root of the drive (to decompress all files on the drive) or the root of the folder you want to decompress type the following.

compact /u/s/a/q/i

Compressed files take more time for the computer to process because they need to be decompressed and then recompressed as the file is needed or accesses by the system which adds to the load of the system slowing it down. Only compress files as a last resort to free up space. The best solution is to remove unneeded files or increase hard drive space by adding another drive or replacing the drive with a larger one.

Need to Add Reverse DNS, RDNS, for static AT&T Internet Service

According to the tech support rep at ATT internet services (800-833-2120). The current email address to send reverse DNS requests to is:

AT&T/SBC Internet Services (DNS Admin)

You need to have most of the following information to have the changes made:

1. Domain Name
2. Email Address
3. Customer Contact Name
4. Service Type (ie Office 768/1500)
5. Company Name (If applicable)
6. Primary Domain (ie
7. IP Block + CIDR (ie

What you want done, ARIN record change or delegation etc.

You must have a package with at least 1 static IP.

You can also visit to request a reverse DNS setup.


.net errors on install

What the problem is: Applications that rely on the .Net framework is trying to access a program and cannot load or run the program.

What is causing said problem: The problem is caused by corrupt files within .Net causing instability in applications.

How to fix the .Net Errors:

The best solution at this time is to remove the .Net install and reinstall from the ground up. Also it’s a great idea to run the .net uninstaller tool to clean up any leftover files that.

1. Run .net uninstaller cleanup tool, sometimes twice, until it says completed successfully

2. Reboot

3. Uninstall .net 4 if it is still present

4. Reboot

5. Install .net in order, its best to start from 1.1 and go all the way to the current version. It’s also worth noting to download .net from Microsoft’s website as oppose to using Windows Update.

Blackberry Turn off sent item sync

What the problem is: If you do not want a user’s email application to receive a copy of email messages that the user sends from the BlackBerry® device, you can turn off synchronization for email messages that the user sends from the BlackBerry device.

What is causing said problem: —

How to Turn off Sent Item Sync for Blackberry:

1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the BlackBerry solution management menu, expand User.

2. Click Manage users.

3. Search for a user account.

4. In the search results, click the name of the user account.

5. Click Edit user.

6. In the Messaging configuration section, click Default configuration.

7. On the Services tab, in the Email services settings section, in the Save copy in sent folder drop-down list, click No.

8. Click Continue to user information edit.

9. Click Save all.

Client PCs cannot open server file shares

What the problem is: Client PCs can ping the server via computer name and resolves to the correct IP.  Users can browse the server’s file shares via \\IP_Address or \\FQDN, but not \\computer_name.  When browsing via the computer name, the error message that appears is “”Logon failure: the target account name is incorrect”. 

What is causing said problem: password used to encrypt the kerberos service ticket is different than that on the target server. Commonly, this is due to identically named machine accounts in the target realm (<domain name>), and the client realm. The Secure Channel was broken between the two Domain Controllers

How to fix Client:

  1. Checked the DNS pointing from the client.
  2. Checked if he was able to ping the Domain Controller.
  3. Went to the One of the Domain Controllers & first reset the Secure Channel with itself. Do the same with the second Domain Controller.
  4. After that reset the Secure Channel of the Domain Controller with each other.

Commands to reset the secure channel

  • net stop kdc
  • klist purge
  • netdom resetpwd /s:server name /ud:domain name\administrator /pd: administrator passowrd.
  • net start kdc.

Repairing Corrupt Windows Profile

What the problem is: the user profile service failed the logon and give you an error when attempting to login to windows.


What is causing said problem: Windows updates sometimes will not install correctly and thus making the user profile corrupt and inaccessible or a malicious piece of software has corrupted your user profile.

How to fix a Corrupt Windows Profile:

  1. Start the PC in Safe Mode and open the default account (most likely administrator)
  2. Open up the run command and type in “regedit” and then hit ok
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

There is one line for each profile. If a profile is bad:

  • Add the suffex “_new” followed by removing “.bak” from the simliar entry above

Make any necessary changes, close Regedit and try to log in as that user.