Network Slowdown After Symantec Endpoint Install or Upgrade

Fix network slowdowns with onsite network supportProblem:

After installing Symantec Endpoint Protection, in the middle of the work day server communication grinds to a halt, and coincides with events in the Event Viewer that say AV definitions have been updated


1. Open Endpoint Protection Manager Console

2. Admin –> Servers –> Local Site (My Site) –> Edit Site Properties

3. LiveUpdate Tab –> Change Freq to daily & set time to after hours

4. Close out to the main screen

5. Clients –> My Company –> Policies –> Communications Settings –> Set mode under Download to Pull Mode

6. Close out to the main screen

7. This affects the clients only

a. Policies –> LiveUpdate –> LiveUpdate Settings policy –> Edit the Policy

b. Schedule –> Change Freq to Daily and set the time to after hours, also change the Randomize start time to 1hr

c. Server Settings –> Check Use the default, Check Use a LiveUpdate Server, Select Use the default Sy…server

8. Close out to the main screen and logoff

9. Open Information Foundation Mail Security

10. Admin –> LiveUpdate/Rapid Release Schedule –> Schedule –> Select Run at a Specific Time and choose after hours

11. Close out

Let us come out to your office and preform a comprehensive network evaluation and help you fix network slowdowns.

Unable To Connect To The Internet After You Remove Spyware From PC

Remove spyware and malware  near meIf you are unable to connect to the internet after removing spyware with utilities like Mawarebytes you can try the following.

From the Control Panel choose Internet Options, once open go to the Connections Tab and click on Lan Settings. Unless you are on a network that uses a Proxy Server (rare), make sure there are no check marks and all the boxes are clear. Click OK twice to close both boxes and try to connect to the internet again.

If the internet still does not work you can try going to Internet options again but now going to the Advanced Tab and choosing both Restore Advance Settings and Reset and then clicking OK and tying the internet again.

If that does not work you can also try a Winsock repair utility.

SEO Proof of Concept Site Example Using Inexpensive Methods

Getting a site indexed properly in the search engines is knows as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Site Promoters and Web Designers adjust their sites with SEO techniques to increase their ranking on sites like Google and MSN.

Website Designers have abused certain techniques to boost their results and it’s this abuse that has added to the difficulty in getting legitimate sites indexed. The major search engines constantly adjust their algorithms to avoid the use of tricks and to improve search results. Websites have been banned for using deceptive tactics.

The test website is and has been optimized with SEO, the site will be adjusted as necessary to boost ranking to give the Proof of Concept results. New sites are easily designed to meet Search Engine Optimization requirements but it can be a longer process to modify an existing site.

The methods used by utilize SEO and other natural site promotion techniques to increase internet traffic. Since Search engines are constantly changing their indexing algorithms a site will need adjustments over time to meet the new requirements exposed by our internet traffic software.

Anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization should take a look at the underlining code to see that there are no special tactics used to achieve the proof of concept verification. The methods used can be used by anyone at almost any skill level. offers great Search Engine Optimization solutions for organic traffic that help sites get indexed properly and quickly. They offer a straight forward easy to follow Search Engine Optimization plan that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

SEO does not have to be difficult and this site proves it. By using the correct use of SEO in the correct places great results can be obtained.

Recommended Setting Changes for Server 2008, Exchange 2007 and Backup Exec 12

The following links have recommended changes for the combination of Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Symantec Backup Exec 12

host file change:

order change:

gen error msg:

unselect / reselect exchange:

Move PowerPoint Presentation To Another PC And Keep Imbedded Media Intact

The following instructions will help you take a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video, photos, or other files and convert it into a structure that can be played on any Windows PC.  This technique is useful when you want to take your PowerPoint and play in on a computer that is not yours.

PowerPoint 2007

  1. Open PowerPoint and the presentation you would like to save.
  2. Get the presentation to the point where you are happy with the final project.  This includes any video files.
  3. Click on the Office Button on the top left of the Screen then Publish then Package for CD
  4. A new window titled ‘Package for CD’ will pop up.  In the Name the CD, type an appropriate title for the presentation.
    1. Click Options

i.      Verify that ‘Viewer Package (update…’ and ‘Linked Files’ are both selected.

ii.      Click OK

    1. Click on the Copy to Folder Button

i.      Again, in the Folder Name box, type an appropriate title for the presentation

ii.      Click Browse,

  1. Browse to the folder you would like the presentation saved to, but do NOT double click on the folder.  Click once on the folder so that it is highlighted.  Note: this will normally be on a thumb/flash/usb memory stick.
  2. Click Select

iii.      Click OK

iv.      A window titled ‘Microsoft Office PowerPoint’ will pop up asking “Do you want to include the linked files in your package?”.  Click Yes.

v.      The files will begin copying to the desired location.

vi.      Click Close

  1. Close PowerPoint

Black Screen After Windows Startup Screen on Boot

After changing Video settings or drives your screen can adjust beyond the limits of your monitor. To get back to a setting the you can see follow the steps below and adjust the settings appropriately.

Hit F8 as soon as the Starting Windows splash screen appears to get the the boot options menu. If the menu does not appear power down the PC and try again, F8 needs to be pressed as soon as the splash screen appears.

From the boot options menu select VGA mode.

If the Video setting were the problem Windows should boot but the resolution and color depth should be lower.

Once Windows boots you have a few option depending on what caused the problem.

If The resolution was set too high you can adjust the resolution to a lower setting and reboot to test the new settings.

If Vidoe Drivers caused the problem you can do the following:

Click Start then right click on my computer then click Manage

Once the window comes up click Device manager

Click the + to open up the Display Adapters and then

Right click on your graphics chip set and click properties

Once the properties window comes up, click the Drivers tab

And click Roll Back Driver and then click Yes

Another option would be download different or updated Drivers

Remove Vibrant Advertising Popup From Web Pages

Some websites display annoying pop up Ads when your cursor moves over certain words or phrases often covering what you are trying to read.

To remove the Vibrant Popup Ads from displaying on websites go to the following link and choose the Disable Tab and click on the link to Disable.

Setup Internet Explorer To Spell Check Facebook Posts

To spell check your Facebook posts with Internet Explorer we need to download and install the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

After installing the Google Toolbar you may need to restart Internet explorer to get the Toolbar to work. while in Facebook start typing something on the page and after your done typing click on the Spell Check button located on the Google Tool bar and spell check will highlight words that are misspelled in red.  You can then click the misspelled word and it will give you a list of possible words that you may select in a drop down menu. This tool will correct spelling errors but not grammar errors.

Move Profile From One User To Another Or From One Domain To Another On The Same PC

To move a Profile from one user to another or from one Domain to another you can perform the following steps. These are helpful when changing users, when profiles corrupt or when changing Servers and/or Domain controllers.

  1.  Login as original domain user, verify the profile directory under Documents and Settings
  2. Join the MSHOME workgroup and restart
  3. Join the new domain, add new user and administrator, restart
  4. Login as the new domain user, then restart.
  5. Login as the new domain administrator, rename new domain user folder to .tmp.   Rename the original domain user folder to the new domain folders name.
  6. Restart and login to the new domain user.

PCs Disjoin From The Domain Or Lose Domain Association

One thing to check if a PC loses its domain association is the computer name. It two PCs have the same computer name the last PC to join the domain will stay connected or associated with the domain and replace the other PC with the same name. Unfortunately you will not receive an error if you have two computers with the same name replacing each other on the domain and this simple check may save you lots of time.