Solution: SBS 2008 Remote Computers

When you use to log in via remote desktop instead of setting up port forwarding. SBS has a way of automating this process. Remember to add users to each machine after you add it here so they can log in.

To connect a client computer to the network by using the internal Web site

  1. On the client computer, open a Web browser.
  2. In the address bar, type http://connect.
  3. Click Start Connect Computer Wizard.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Connect Computer Wizard to do the following:
    • Verify computer requirements.
    • Specify a user name and password.
    • Specify or verify the name and description of the client computer.
    • Assign users to the client computer.
    • Move existing user data and settings.
    • Assign the level of use for users of the client computer.

Solution: cannot access server after removing ISA 2000 or 2004

Symptoms:  After uninstalling ISA 2000 or 2004, all inbound traffic to that server is blocked.  No file share access, no ping response, etc.


Solution: After rebooting run the following command to turn off a hidden service

Command – “net stop ipnat”

Solution: Blackberry web app says error 500

fix blackberry admin web app on a server. BESX 5.0.3, server 2003.


set the following reserved ports and then restart the listed services afterward



Reserved Ports






Restart DNS

Restart BES Admin service

wait 5 minutes

SOLUTION: Group Policy links

In SBS2011 the most common problem/complaints are:

– Home Pages being changed to http://companyweb

– Folder redirection not happening correctly


To see which Group Policies are defined:

– On the server, administrator tools –> group policy management.  The policies will be listed beneath domain.  If you right click on one, Enforced will either be checked or unchecked.  Unchecked means that is it defined, but not enforced.  You would globally edit the policy here.


To update the Group Policy on a specific machine

– Start –> Run, ‘gpupdate /force’, log off if prompted.

– On the server you would do this to make sure the changes you have made recently in the Group Policy manager are available to the clients

– On the clients, it forces the client to pull down the latest policies.  It can take up to 3 times running the command


To see which policies are currently applied to a client/server machine

– Start –> Run, ‘rsop.msc’

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How To Shutdown Windows 8 / Where Is Shutdown Located in Windows 8

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Instructions on How to Shutdown Windows 8

In Microsoft Windows 8 we were introduced to the Windows titles desktop and the removal of the traditional start menu and how we choose to shutdown, restart, or one of the other ways to power down a PC.

First hover your mouse over the top right corner of the screen

A menu will popup with five choices, Choose Settings

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 1



Next at the bottom you have a Power Icon, Click this to get your power choices

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 2

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 2


Finally choose Shut Down, or Restart the machine.

How to shutdown Windows 8 screenshot 3


Windows 8 has changed the way a lot of things are done and we will be providing new articles regularly covering these new features.


101 Best & Brightest Sustainable Companies: Winner 2013!

101 Best & Brightest Sustainable Companies 2013 Winner C-Net Systems

We’re proud to announce that C-Net Systems Inc. has been named one of Michigan’s Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies for 2013! This is an exciting recognition for us and one that we are happy to share with our community.

At C-Net Systems we focus on providing the IT solutions of tomorrow today and doing whatever it takes to solve problems. We also feel a responsibility for keeping sustainability an option at all times, for both our clients and for ourselves as a company.

Being one of the Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies means our company practices and community offerings walk the walk of being green. Besides offering a free recycling program locally, we offer remote access to our clients no matter where they are, preventing the carbon emissions produced by travelling. Our recommendations for clients often save emissions and pollutants from mining and shipping (choosing products with responsible practices and efficient shipping), and they often save money because of these perks, too.

One of our proudest offerings is free recycling of old electronics. Our clients love this because it clears their homes of clutter and we love it because it keeps those electronics out of landfills.

In our workspace, sustainability is a recurring theme. From regular remote days for employees to the details that really add up: energy-efficient appliances, reusable dishes and silverware, and CFL light bulbs, we’re proud to be doing our small part.

Have you heard of the triple bottom line? It’s a business term that refers to combining economic vitality, natural environment and healthy communities to create sustainability in your business practice. While all three are of course important, for C-Net Systems, healthy communities stands out above the rest. Our kids play here, go to school here, grow and learn here. Their wellbeing is our primary goal and is essential to the sustainability of the metro Detroit economy decades into the future. When companies are responsible with the environment, and children grow up healthy, economic vitality naturally follows.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement as we accept this recognition!

How To Enable Wake On Lan (WoL) Windows 7

Enable Wake On Magic Packet for Windows 7

Enable Wake On Lan (WoL) Windows 7To begin we need to make sure we have all the settings for Wake on Lan turned on. There are several locations in which you will need to go to and configure or turn on a feature. If any of these steps are skipped then WoL will not work.

By Default most Ethernet Ports are set to have this enabled by default but still check to make sure they are enabled.

First we need to go into the properties of the Ethernet Port that is currently active and in use. Right click the adapter in use and select properties. This is open a new dialog box, and from here select “Configure”

Under “Advanced” enable “Wake on Magic Packet”

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Under Power Management check all three boxes

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Once everything is enable for the Ethernet port we need to install the Windows service for WoL

Open “Control Panel” and then go to “Programs and Features”

Once in the Program and Features window on the left side click “Turn Windows Features on or off”

Next install the TCP/IP service “Simple TCPIP services” by clicking the check box next to it

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Next turn on the service we just installed by going into the Window Services located in the administrator tools.

How to enable wake on Lan screenshot

Finally open UDP for Port 9 within the Windows firewall settings.

In control panel select “Windows Firewall” and from there select “Advanced Settings” on the left.

Click “Inbound Rules” then select “New Rule”. This will open the New Rule wizard.


Next select to create a new Port rule, then apply the rule to UDP, and specify port 9.

Once the setup is complete ensure that the Wake on Lan feature is turned on in the BIOs and in the router port forward Port 9 to the address of the machine with WoL enabled.

For users to wake up a PC with WoL setup they need to send a Magic Packet to wake the machine up. Most routers have the capability of sending these magic packets otherwise you can do this threw the command prompt or by using a third party application.

What is required to send magic packets are:

  • MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • Port #

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SOLUTION: Windows 7 Slow To Login To Domain Enviroment

Symptoms: Win7 machines appears to take a very long time to log into their desktop.

Search Terms: Win7 x64, windows 7 64 bit, slow log on, slow logon, slow domain, long welcome screen

Windows 7 Slow To Login To DomainFixes:

Solution 1: Registry Hack

  1. Run gpedit.msc.
  2. Go to computer configuration.
  3. Go to Administrative templates.
  4. Go to System.
  5. Go to User profiles.
  6. Enable “Set maximum wait time for the network if a user has a roaming user profile or remote home directory” and set to 0 seconds
  7. Source:

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Computer repair Shelby Township 48316 slow networkSolution 2: Desktop Background

  1. Change the background from a solid color to an image.
  2. If a solid color is necessary, create a 1×1 pixel of the color and save it as a bmp and use that image
  3. Source: