Managed Firewall Solutions

Secure your network with a UTM firewallWe protect your network from outside threats on the Internet through the use of fully managed UTM firewalls.

Our UTM solutions offer cutting edge security with best-in-class hardware and software. Beyond security, our UTM appliances have up to 5 times the industry average throughput, making them one of the fastest UTM appliances for SOHO / SMB segments.

All configuration and management of the firewall appliance is included in the monthly fees and our monitoring allows us to see incoming threats. With our Internet security services, the mission always remains the same: Take the necessary steps to protect against attacks and intrusions before they even have the opportunity to cross the network.

Different Services for Different Businesses

Without having different firewall appliances for different businesses, C-Net Systems wouldn’t be recognized as one of the top Internet security providers.

Unlike some of our competitors that offer one security package that’s overkill for small companies and under-qualified for larger companies, we have individual appliances that provide exactly what’s needed to defend against all Internet-based attacks. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is the individualized approach we take with all of our network support and security services and how we keep your network secure in a cost-effective manner.

Firewall ApplianceRecommended ForPricing
EntrySmall Office (1 to 5 Users)Call
ProfessionalExchange Email, Remote Users or WAN/VPNCall
Professional PlusTwo or more of the aboveCall
EnterpriseHeavy usage of one or more of the aboveCall

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