Other Network IT Services

Tech services and business solutionsWe offer IT-related services other than the computer network support services located here. The tech services below can help you customize your network, make it more cost-effective, protect it from in-house threats, and much more. Whether we’re already working with you as an IT partner or not, our onsite team will deliver our additional tech services in a timely and professional manner.

  • Custom Programming & Reporting Services

    We can develop custom applications and mobile apps specific to your business needs. We partner with you to create custom reports that supply us with the vital information necessary to build you exactly the application you’re looking for.

  • Internet & Phone Service Audit

    We work with all the major carriers and can perform a free cost analysis of your current bills to make sure you are getting the fastest services at the best rates

  • IP Based Phone Systems

    The shift from the analog voice network to VoIP will impact users of outdated equipment such as PBXs and key systems. It only makes sense that you invest in the most current technology (SIP-based VoIP) rather than products that will soon be obsolete.

  • Employee Monitoring Software

    With software we install, you can instantly detect insider threats like data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and productivity loss. You can also track employee actions and receive real-time alerts about dangerous or inappropriate behavior. Review individual and aggregate employee actions as if you were sitting there with video-style screen playback.

  • Network Cable Wiring & Security Cameras

    Moving to a new building or need to add another data or telephone drop? Whether it’s new cable runs, moving a phone system from one location to another, or installing security cameras, the onsite tech team at C-Net Systems can make it happen.

To learn more about other tech services we offer at C-Net Systems, fill out the free evaluation form on this page today.